My partner and I made Optimum Prime. We work to effectively reduce the consumption of packaging material, cardboard, foil stretch, PET pretpositions, self-adhesive tape and the smarter use of space on pallets. Everything is always perfect as tetris, nothing less or more than it needs.

We made a program in which we put all the information we collect and with precision of 95% tells us where the material is cast and is lost in the space and how to optimize all the resources in a millimeter.

The idea is to point out to the client for unnecessary costs and, in fact, a huge hidden profit in his production process. And all just by changing the packaging, even our packaging is so perfect that it becomes safer for transportation. Because we are doing all the physics calculations and the possible forces of gravity, turbulence, dynamics, statics and a perfect budget, we change the way we pack it.

We spend hours talking about possible solutions, options for a client, talking to workers who come in touch every day for a product. They are the gold of each company. They know every machine, label, cover, supplier, they just need to ask the right questions and know exactly what information.

And since finding a solution is quite organic and always we can hardly wait to find it and get excited about the solution as if it were our factory. And the client receives a wage like a sleeve.

And of almost the same thing we do with production processes and the results are surprising, for owners of capital – of course!

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